A smarter and safer way of cultural exchange.

Cultural exchange is the working relationship between economics, culture and diplomacy. Tiberius International provides cultural exchange solutions that enable corporations, organizations and individuals to manage risk and capitalize on opportunities in the new world landscape.


Our mission

Tiberius International understands the emerging power of culture and exchange in global affairs. Tiberius applies intelligent diplomacy and cultural exchange solutions to support business ventures, philanthropic interests and cultural exchange overseas. We believe that exchange and logistics do not need to be oriented around conventional exchange resources. Rather, modern practices such as proper local engagement and cultural awareness are supplemented with a minimal exchange footprint. That’s our concept of “intelligent cultural exchange.” A reduced overt exchange profile combined with a more knowledgeable and intimate presence yields a safer and more beneficial overseas experience. Accordingly, Tiberius strives to provide cultural exchange services to individuals, business, non-profits or anyone who would like to work in the international spectrum but doesn’t quite know how or where to start.

How do we do it?

Tiberius combines practical experience in diplomacy and international exchange with academic know-how in the arts and sciences. With our staff consisting exclusively of former diplomats, federal agents, international psychologists and academics, Tiberius has a global network of contacts in embassies, state services and businesses. We have worked in over 140 countries, and thereby we have true global experience and a unique perspective on working internationally. Our projects range from cultural exchanges in the arts, sports and education to initiatives for preservation and development of overseas business components. Tiberius facilitates implementation of the projects by direct management and tasking local assets. Throughout the process, Tiberius vets the project concept and sustainability from the perspective of cultural diplomacy, safety and profitability.



International Psychology

Working abroad safely, securely and effectively requires cultural intelligence. An understanding of the local culture increases the success of any organization, whether expanding into foreign markets or outsourcing development abroad. Knowledge of local customs, religions, expectations and interests brings efficiency to providing a physically safe working environment and protecting corporate assets. Working with Tiberius, a business can comfortably ensure the safety of people, property and information while operating overseas.

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Humanitarian Assistance

Tiberius International applies lessons learned from international diplomacy and humanitarian assistance endeavors to further develop effective strategies for charitable or philanthropic endeavors abroad. Beginning with a preliminary feasibility study and ending with a successful project completion portfolio, Tiberius will ensure financial contributions or resources are appropriately distributed. Whether providing clean drinking water or medical assistance, development projects benefit from compatibility with the local culture.

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Cultural Security and Countermeasures

Tiberius International can provide physical security and countermeasures for any site by implementing a range of security procedures, protocols and physical security standards. Nothing is more important than your employees, information and property. In times or places of uncertainty, it is paramount to install proper security parameters and understand risk mitigation.

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Art and Cultural Heritage

Tiberius offers collectors and cultural institutions provenance research and due-diligence investigations. We work closely with Ministries of Culture and foreign cultural institutions to ensure that any object or work of art may be rightfully claimed and that rightful ownership prevails. Our staff has worked at the FBI and INTERPOL and is able to assist in or initiate investigations on lost or stolen cultural property. We also work as a conduit for private repatriations of objects that have questionable provenance.

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Higher Education and Exchange Programs

Educational exchange may take the form of a visiting professor, international student exchange program, or an overseas internship. Tiberius International works to ensure that the educational exchange is rewarding, safe and academically successful. To ensure a positive experience, we will provide security and due diligence assessments of schools, residences and surrounding areas. Additionally, pre-departure briefings will include consular, police and medical contacts.

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Major Events – Logistics and Exchange

Major events are an integral part of cultural exchange. Events such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, United Nations General Assemblies and other international meetings can be a complicated endeavor for tourists and businesses that choose to attend or capitalize on the events. Tiberius has experience with logistics and exchange for large international events. We can tailor a program to meet the needs and exchange posture of each country and each client.

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Tiberius interprets immigration issues as a matter of cultural exchange that can affect family, work, education and liberty.  Immigration law is a very complex and constantly changing field, and therefore Tiberius International understands the American as well as foreign immigration system, laws and regulations that affect our clients.  We also understand how important it is to act timely and effectively in resolving issues that influence our client’s legal status and livelihood.

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